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Tube laser cutting

The tube laser is currently the most innovative technological solution for machining metal profiles that exists on the metalworking market. Tube laser cutting machines combine all of the advantages of conventional laser cutting and are perfectly revised to suit the demands of three-dimensional products. Tube laser centres have now replaced a wide range of machining technologies with just a single machining process, thereby enabling not only entirely new forms of metalworking but also making significant contributions to the process and production optimisation during further processing. You find out more about the cost and time savings to be achieved through tube laser technology under Process optimisation 2.0 >>

From one-offs right up to large-scale production, tube laser cutting technology can be used to reliably cut all common profiles and tubes as well as numerous special profiles in a cost-effective manner with high-quality results. This means your creativity knows no limits and whole new directions are open in the realm of 3D. Only the handling of the raw material, the cut profiles and their weight places limits on tube laser centres, some of which are huge.

Our role is to work with you to overcome the limits which exist and to forge whole new directions together.

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